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The Castillo de San Jorge castle dates from the Middle Ages and stands next to the Triana Bridge. It was the seat of the Inquisition for almost three centuries; Today, the castle houses an interpretation center of the ruins and religious oppression by the Spanish Inquisition.

The origin of San Jorge Castle is unknown, but it is believed that the Visigoths built the castle to protect Spalis from attacks and wars. After many different inhabitants and owners (among them the Conde Duque de Olivares), the castle was demolished in the 19th century to extend the "Plaza del Altozano" square to Castilla Street. 

Today the rebuilt castle stands under the renovated Mercado de Abastos de Triana market and is the seat of the Interpretation Center. In it various information boards were set up to tell the story of this unusual enclave.

The castle looks through the "Paseo de la O" on the river. It is a quiet place from which we can enjoy the Triana Bridge. We can also reach the "Paseo de la O" via the "Paseo de la Inquisición" (which served as the link between Castilla Street and the riverbank).

Location: Plaza del Altozano, s/n - Mercado de Abastos de Triana
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The Castillo de San Jorge consists of an area of 1,400 M2, which is spread over two floors. In addition to this area, the castle also offers an interior area next to the route through the castle.

Among the various events that can be held in the castle, we would particularly like to highlight conferences, book presentations, small meetings and meetings. Outside the castle, on the "Paseo de la O", cocktails and presentations can be organized in a unique location at the foot of the Triana Bridge.

The castle can accommodate up to 70 guests inside. In the immediate vicinity there are several public parking spaces. Access to the castle is possible for disabled guests.


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This space has several public car parks in the vicinity.

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