Background on the Baroque

Headquarters of the Brotherhood of the same name, the Hospital constitutes the top architectural and artistic ensemble of Spanish Baroque art, founded in Seville in the mid-15th century.  Among its duties were providing assistance to abandoned patients and the burial of those executed and drowned, as well as to raise suffrages for their souls.  It had its headquarters in a chapel dedicated to San Jorge, built in one of the Royal Shipyards.  The three large rooms of the hospital were built taking advantage of the ships of the Royal Shipyards that had been built during the reign of Alfonso X.  In 1644, when the old chapel was ruined, construction began on a new church, according to the plans by Pedro Sánchez Falconet.  Miguel Mañara, elected as elder brother in 1663, became the main promoter of the project, streamlining the works on the church.  The plans for the Church were reformed at the initiative of Mañara and the facade was completed by Leonardo de Figueroa.

Highlights include the access courtyard, divided into two parts separated by a passage on columns.  From the patio, you can access the old council room, where various objects related to Miguel de Mañara are preserved, such as one of his own swords or the mortuary mask.  The walls hold extraordinary paintings, including works by Valdés Leal and Zurbarán.

Extraordinary paintings by Valdés Leal, Zurbarán and Murillo hang from its walls.



-Viernes 15 de Junio: Abierto de 10:30 a 18:30.

-Sábado 16 de Junio: Abierto de 13:30 a 18:00.

-Domingo 17 de Junio: Abierto de 10:30 a 13 y de 14 a 19:30.


Price: General admission: € 5.00 with audio-guide, group entry: € 4.00 (+10 persons), entry free on Sundays for residents of Seville.


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