Celebrating the First Round of World Tour

The origin of this park, within the Seville Tower promoted by CaixaBank, arises with the aim of creating a quality landscaped public space of over 40,000 square metres for the city of Seville.
The project, designed by the architect Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, meets the criteria of landscaping and environmental sustainability, maintaining more than 200 existing trees, in addition to more than 190 new units of trees of different species. Among these new woods there is a network of paths and a pergola plant that will provide shade to enjoy more the walk.
The new Fernando de Magallanes Park has a sustainable urban drainage system. This drainage network enhances the infiltration of water into the subsoil. In addition, for the construction of the pavement, it has been used a material, that increases the permeability and allows a better management of rainwater.

A new green space for ¨La Cartuja¨, next to the Navigation Pavilion and the Seville Tower



From 7:00h to 22:00h (in summer)
From 8:00h to 20:00h (in winter)


Free of Charge