A Destination to Fall in Love

A city of legends and myths, the city of Don Juan and the opera Carmen; hundreds of charming corners, sounds and images that will move you… even if you want to pretend you are tough and think “these things never happen to you”, the truth is that Seville is a city that will win your love. 

The City of Bécquer

In Seville, many great poets were born. Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, considered one of the most emblematic authors of the Romantic period, occupies a very important place in Seville’s heart. If you visit María Luisa’s park, you will find the Glorieta de Bécquer, a little square where there is a sculpture dedicated to love. 

In the nearby area, in Plaza de España, everything acquires a magnificent and exceptional air. The square’s unique architecture, the lights over the brick, the ceramic shining… What about a boat ride with your partner through the 515 meters of its majestic canal? It may be the perfect moment to pop the question… 

Do you know the famous verses that Bécquer dedicated to his beloved? “When hopeful spring starts waxing and somber swallows come, / some shall return to nesting within your balcony...”. It is said that this balcony belonged to Casa Bucarelli, one of the beautiful palatial houses of the city, located in San Lorenzo’s quarter, close to the house where the famous poet was born.

 'Glorieta de Bécquer'
A boat trip down the river
Seville and Triana… and the River Guadalquivir

You and your partner can see yourselves reflected on the Guadalquivir river the same way Seville does, just like a mirror. Walk down the banks of the river and see how its water turns golden at sunset... it is priceless. One of the best experiences to feel the most romantic Seville is to go on a boat trip down the river.

Stroll down the river Guadalquivir and let yourself be inspired by the beauty of its two banks, Seville and Triana.

St Pedro's Church
Special Moments

One hundred meters away from Las Setas of Seville, you can find San Pedro’s Church. In its facade, there is a tile which is often surrounded by people… but, what are they looking at? They are looking for a little bird hidden in the drawing of the tile. It is said that the person who does not find this little bird, will not get married.


The Real Alcázar of Seville, the palace for excellence. It is full of history and stories. Among the most enigmatic places of this World Heritage site, we highlight the Baths of Doña María de Padilla. In these almost hidden baths, you will see an elegant water tank dominating the room. The legend says that Doña María de Padilla, the lover of King Pedro I, used to take baths there. 

To keep in mind...
  1. The Glorieta de Bécquer is an allegory of dreamed love, current love and lost love.
  2. In Refinadores Square, there is a statue which recalls Don Juan Tenorio myth.
  3. In February, the days already start being longer and sunnier in Seville, which makes it easier to fall in love.