A strategic point of the city

This green space, very close to the Maria Luisa park and the old tobacco factory, formerly used to host the April Fair.

There is no doubt that these gardens are strategically located, as many of the city's bus lines, trams and tourist bus stations converging in the area.

One of its main attractions is its leafy trees, with about a hundred or so plant species, among which the most outstanding are the jacarandas (its tops give a spectacular purple colour to the whole area in May).
In addition, its fountains, make these gardens an ideal place to come as a family.

This is where the popular ¨Feria de Abril de Sevilla¨ was held until 1972.



From 8:00h to 22:00h (in winter)
From 8:00h to 24.00h (in summer)


Free of Charge