Monastery of San Jeronimo de Buenavista

Venue Overview

The Monastery of San Jeronimo de Buenavista is a unique venue founded over 600 years ago by Friar Diego de Sevilla. It is located in the San Jeronimo district and it contains works by renowned sculptors and painters, such as Torrigiano, Valdes Leal, Murillo and Zurbaran.

On the 11th February 1414, the first stone was laid of what was to become one of the most important Andalusian monasteries and it was celebrated with a procession from the old Cathedral of Seville - a former mosque converted for Christian worship- to the site where it was to be erected, outside the city.

The construction of the Monastery involved such prominent figures as Diego de Riaño (creator of the Plateresque facade of the City Hall), Martín de Gaínza (who worked on the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral), Hernán Ruiz (who designed the Renaissance body of the Giralda and the belfry of the church of San Jerónimo).

The Monastery of San Jerónimo de Buenavista was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1964 and was acquired by Seville City Council on the 8th March 1984. It was reopened in 2015, following restoration of various areas, and become a new civic centre.

Location: P/ Riopiedras, s/n CP 41015 Sevilla Google Maps

The Monastery of San Jerónimo de Buenavista is a space of over 2,400 m2 with 3 indoor rooms of varying capacity and a large outdoor cloister where different types of events may be held, for example, award ceremonies, fashion shows, exhibitions, meetings and conferences. The venue's singularity will help make any event highly original and exclusive.

The indoor spaces are equipped with audiovisual resources, such as screens and beamers, as well as furniture to hold meetings and conferences.

The maximum capacity of the venue is xxx people. There are no public car parks near the building, however there is plenty of street parking in the area. It is accessible for people with disabilities.

The audiovisual and lighting resources available at the site are the following:

Audio Video Lighting
None None None


Other characteristics:

Furnishing Wifi Access Parking Buses
This venue does not provide any furniture for events The venue does not have wireless internet connection Not accessible for people with disabilities. There is not public parking available nearby Lines 3 and 6


Room Specifications:

Room name Banquet Cocktail Reception School Theatre
Room 1 - - 150 -
Room 2 - - 200 -
Room 3 - - 50 -
Cloister - 500 - 500
Set up plans

Consorcio Turismo de Sevilla (Administration)
Plaza de San Francisco, 19.
Edif. Laredo. 41004 Sevilla
Telephone number:
   +34 955 471 265
Open from 09:00h. to 14:00h.