Savour Seville little by little

Close your eyes and imagine. You have just arrived in Seville, you leave your luggage and you feel two irrepressible impulses: to recover strength after the trip, and a huge desire to assimilate everything new around you, what you see, feel and perceive ... and also, of course, to "check out" those scents that you can’t resist.

The world capital of tapas

What is tapas really? Tapas is the heart of our gastronomic culture: small plates of homemade and traditional specialties, and surprising creations of chefs; brushstrokes of intense flavours, suggestive products of the highest quality ... A way of eating that fits a way of life. Live the food, eat the life.

And what does it mean to go to "eat tapas"? Try it for yourself: walk among monuments, stop at a bar and ask for tapas, continue to discover the city, try a second dish of tapas in another bar, and so on ... and so deliciously.

Haute cuisine in the corresponding dish

Salad! Steak with whiskey! ... You will discover authentic haute cuisine in small dishes, you will discover bars and restaurants in historic sites, incredible places that will transmit a unique energy. And all in a really affordable way.

Here we enjoy gastronomy in small and intense dishes.

Welcome to "tasting tourism"

So if you are one of those people who want to try everything and do not know where to start, don’t fret "foodie"! You are in the perfect place at the perfect time: you are in Seville, where to go out to have some tapas is to start merging with the soul of the city.

The bars of Seville are a real spectacle. From the tapas that sings, to the extraordinary agility in the service, through to the general atmosphere of joy ... The gastronomic experience is also enriched with this combination of inventiveness and sympathy.

You have no excuse, come and enjoy the tapas in Seville. Enjoy!

To bear in mind...
  1. The oldest bar in Seville dates back to 1670: El Rinconcillo.
  2. In the seventeenth century in Seville, orders for drinks were served that were covered with ham or cheese, with the Spanish verb for ‘to cover’ being ‘tapar’.
  3. Due to the quantity and quality of the offer, Seville is the World Capital of Tapas.