Tower of Don Fadrique

Venue Overview

The wonderful Tower of Don Fadrique, known as the "Enchanted Tower", an example of early civilian Gothic architecture in Seville, is located in the Monastery of Santa Clara, a unique place in the north of the city centre, with a long history of tradition, culture, art and religion.

The Tower of Don Fadrique was built in 1252, according to the inscription over the door, in the original orchard of Don Fadrique's palace. He was the son of Holy King Ferdinand III, conqueror of the city. It is square shaped, with 5,40 m sides, and three floors. The tower is made mostly of brick, except for a few elements which are carved in stone, such as the ashlars on the ground floor, the corners on the top floor, the door, the landings and the vaults.

The Tower of Don Fadrique is surrounded by a wonderful garden designed by architect Juan Talavera, who also designed the inside stairwell of the tower. It is presided by a rectangular pond which was placed at the tower's foot with the intention of enhancing and giving it perspective.

Location: Compás del Convento de Santa Clara. Calle Becas, s/n - 41002 Seville Google Maps

The space consists of a rectangular garden, nearly 1,800 m2, surrounding the Tower, with myrtle shrubs, orange and olive trees as well as acanthuses, together with a magnificent example of laurel (probably the oldest one in Seville) and several large sculptures.

In this venue it is possible to set up theatre layouts with a stage, banquets or cocktail receptions. The space is versatile and very appropriate for events that can be held outdoors, such as art exhibitions, launch of projects or award ceremonies. Any event held here will be unique, given the strong personality of the venue.

The maximum capacity of the venue is 150 people outdoors. Access is adapted for people with disabilities.

El jardín rectangular que conforma el espacio, de casi 1.800m2 y que acompaña a la Torre está compuesto por setos de arrayán, naranjos, olivos y acantos, en compañía de un grandioso ejemplar de laurel (probablemente el más antiguo de Sevilla) junto con grandes piezas escultóricas.  En este espacio se pueden realizar montajes en teatro con escenario, montajes tipo banquete o tipo cóctel. Es un espacio versátil, idóneo para actos que puedan realizarse en exterior, como por ejemplo exposiciones artísticas, pre

The audiovisual and lighting resources available at the site are the following:

Audio Video Lighting
None None None


Other characteristics:

Furnishing Wifi Access Parking Buses
This venue does not provide any furniture for events. The venue does not have wireless internet connection. Access available for people with disabilities. This venue does not have public car parks nearby. Lines 3, 6, C3 and C4


Room Specifications:

Room name Banquet Cocktail Reception School Theatre
Tower of Don Fadrique 100 150 80 100
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