Plaza de América

Venue Overview

The Plaza de América of Seville is a very beautiful space located at the south end of the María Luisa Park. It consists of wonderful gardens, arbours and buildings erected for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929.

The arbours of Miguel de Cervantes and Rodríguez Marín are the most relevant ones, displaying various tiles with their most prominent works. In the central area there is a lovely pond surrounded by a series of columns connected by chains bearing globe lamps, held by winged victories designed by Manuel Delgado Brackembury and Lorenzo Coullaut Valera.

The space is flanked by the Royal Pavilion, the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions and the Archaeological Museum. The buildings in this Plaza were designed by architect Aníbal González for the Ibero-American Exposition, which took place in Seville in 1929.

Ubicación: Plaza América, 3,41013 Sevilla Google Maps


The Plaza de América is a rectangular square in the María Luisa Park. This outdoor space, given its size and shape, is ideal for cocktail receptions, either on a spring day or a summer night, as well as for product launches requiring large spaces that can accommodate a high number of people.

Likewise, the Plaza de América can be used to hold sports, social and cultural events such as exhibitions, concerts or promotional events like product or service launches.

The maximum capacity of the venue is 1,000 people, and there are several public car parks nearby. The central area is accessible for people with disabilities.

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