The baths of the moorish queen

Venue Overview

The Baths of the Moorish Queen, an old Muslim hammam from the 12th Century, is one of the main legacies of civil Almohad architecture to the city's heritage.

This building shows some of the largest and best-preserved original baths of the ancient Al Andalus. They were built during the Almohad period, when Seville spread north through the construction of new walls that allowed urban development of the area.

After a troubled history, during which the baths were completely neglected, the restoration carried out by the Town Planning Department of Seville City Council, has allowed recovering the galleries and skylights which had been lost by copying the model of those preserved.

Location: Calle Baños, 17.41002 Seville Google Maps

The Baths of the Moorish Queen, next to the Dulce Nombre de Jesús Chapel which belongs to the Vera-Cruz Brotherhood, are located in the district of San Vicente in Seville.

These Baths are made up of a set of rooms that have been completely restored yet have retained their original essence. One of the highlights is the large warm water room, a wonderful cloister surrounded by columns. During the last renovation, a new dome was built to recover part of the former functionality of this room but with a contemporary feel and keeping the current ground plan.

Product launches, cocktail receptions or small meetings are some of the events that could be held in this incredible and historic site of Seville.

The maximum capacity of the venue is 60 people, and there is public parking near the premises. It is not accessible for people with disabilities.

The audiovisual and lighting resources available at the site are the following:

Audio Video Lighting
None None None


Other characteristics:

Furnishing Wifi Access Parking Buses
This venue does not provide any furniture for events. The venue does not have wireless internet connection. Not accessible for people with disabilities. This venue has public parking nearby. Lines 3, 6 and C4


Room Specifications:

Room name Banquet Cocktail Reception School Theatre
The Baths of the Moorish Queen 40 60 40 50
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