One of the most beautiful squares in Seville

Doña Elvira square is located in the famous neighborhood of Santa Cruz. This square arose in the neighborhood’s redevelopment between 1922 and 1918, led by the municipal architect Juan Talavera y Heredia.

In the 17th century, a famed corral de comedias was located on the site. Popular Sevillian legend has it that this was the site of the house of Don Gonzalo de Ulloa, father of Doña Elvira, for whom the Plaza is named, from “Don Juan Tenorio” de Zorrilla. Square, and not too large, this square is included in most classical tours of the city, which is why is mostly filled during the day with numerous groups of visitors, both from Spain and abroad. Adding to its charm is its exclusively pedestrian character, its layered accesses, and, as if by surprise, its carefully curated central flowerbeds, benches, fountain and orange trees. In addition, the square is surrounded by buildings with a marked Sevillian flavor, with restaurants, terraces and souvenir and crafts shops.

The myth of Don Juan was born in this square.



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Plaza de Doña Elvira