The greatest Flamenco event in the world

Flamenco is the purest Andalusian expression of music, singing, dancing, and poetry. Every two years the southern city of Sevilla celebrates the biggest Flamenco festival in the world: 'La Bienal de Flamenco'.

The best of Flamenco

'La Bienal' has become a tradition since it all first started in 1980 to present the world the value of Flamenco.

This year the 20th edition takes place from the 6th to the 30th of September. It is the perfect opportunity for you to discover and feel all of the magic revolving around this magnificent art-form called Flamenco. 

For more than three weeks, 'La Bienal' flows Sevilla with the most extraordinary and spectacular flamenco shows containing all of its many different styles. The best artists in dance, singing, and the guitar gives you the most personal proposals, the fusion and purity all given in different, special parts of the city. Several artists you will experience during this year´s spectacle are:

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De la Tomasa. Bienal
Flamenco: Patrimonio de Sevilla y de la Humanidad
Heritage of Seville, Heritage of Humanity

The city of Sevilla is one of the main nerves of Flamenco. Next to the neighboring city of Jerez, Sevilla has been linked to the evolution of this art from its origins. Beyond even artistic expression, Flamenco is a form of being, a cultural phenomenon that influences the very character of the entire city. A world-renowned relevance in the year 2010, when UNESCO declared Flamenco Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

In Altozano Square, in Triana, a statue pays homage to 
the Flamenco dance.

Flamenco, Sevilla
'La Bienal' all around Seville

This year 'La Bienal' is hosted by ten different spaces. These spaces include Teatro Lope de Vega, Hotel Triana, the Royal Bullring, the Church of St. Louis, the Port of Seville, the Royal Alcazar and Teatro de la Maestranza.

'La Bienal' lives up throughout the entire entity of Sevilla, something that counts as proof for this statement is the flashmob that took place for the inauguration of the festival. A popular event at Muelle de la Sal (Salt Wharf) choreographed by the dancer Jose Galan. 

To keep in mind...
  1. This year the greatest Flamenco event ´La Bienal´ meets its twentieth edition.
  2. More than 60 shows are included within its entire program.

  3. The XX Bienal poster has been designed by the artist Pedro G. Romero.