Sevilla is bike-friendly

In Seville, we have understood that cities have to be ever more human. In just a few years we have evolved to a model of mobility where the bike is the main protagonist.

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Flat Seville

Seville has always been an easy, flat, sunny city ... and this had to be taken advantage of, including for those on two wheels. That's why we built many kilometres of cycle paths throughout Seville, and a public bicycle rental service called Sevici was launched.

The result of all this is now at your disposal. If you come to Seville you will be able to enjoy 170 kilometres of cycle paths and 250 Sevici stations, open 24 hours a day. This is the life!

Discover the city on two wheels

The network of lanes reaches all the neighbourhoods of the city, you can move your way from one end to another of Seville, and it even reaches some municipalities of the metropolitan area. All this has made Seville a paradise for bike lovers.

Seville is among the 10 best cities to enjoy cycling.

Experience the cycling revolution

Cycling in Seville is priceless: its pleasant climate, the beauty of its monuments and the expanse of its bike lane, all interconnected, lets you enjoy a unique experience within the reach of very few cities in the world.
To this end, five themed itineraries have been created for anyone who wishes to discover emblematic places of the city from another point of view. Dare to try them all!
And we are not stopping there! The cycle lane network is expanding, the use of this transport is becoming more widespread every day, and the pace of the city is adapting to that of a modern and sustainable city that is committed to a development on a human scale. Don’t miss the Seville of the 21st century.

To keep in mind...
  1. Sevici has both Long Duration and Short Duration tickets..
  2. The first 30 minutes of renting a bike from this service are free.
  3. The average altitude of Sevilla above sea level is only 7 meters.
  4. There are 2,600 bicycles available to you at Sevici stations
  5. The use of the bicycle has multiplied by 11 in just a few years