A great little pleasure

Life is full of little pleasures. If there was a catalogue of these daily luxuries, one of them would undoubtedly having a good cold beer in a bar in Seville on a day filled with light.

The joy of refreshment with great company

Here, you will discover the coldest beer you can imagine. Sevillian beer could be considered a drink absolutely adapted to the environment, a living drink that tastes better here than anywhere else, and better still surrounded by people having a good time and enjoying Seville. Having a beer is an activity we do as a society.
Although there are other variants, a beer is usually served in a caña, a glass that’s not too large, ideal for ensuring you drink never gets warm. 

The experience... is about 5 degrees

There is a whole science devoted to serving the best beer: temperature, pressure, glass, environmental conditions, decanting techniques, etc. Everything is studied to the millimetre so that your thirst-quenching experience is perfect.

Above all else, ours is a beer of sensations.

The Sevillian ingenuity of the bars

Now you have to discover it for yourself. Enjoy the shows put on in some bars. Admire, for example, the fastest waiter in Europe, in the Plaza del Salvador, or listen to the one who sings commands in gregorian in the San Lorenzo neighborhood.

Have a good time with friends! Among us, this is not a private luxury or only reserved for Sevillians: we are looking forward to sharing the best of us. Our little pleasures are open to the world.

To keep in mind...
  1. The price of a caña of beer ranges between 1€ and 1.30€.
  2. Olives and lupins pair well with beer.
  3. ...And of course, gambas (prawns) also go fantastically well with a good drink.