An unforgettable weekend

Seville has so much to see and do that if you only stay a weekend, you should take full advantage of it and schedule it well. Here is a sample plan to make the most of your visit.

Day 1: The Cathedral, the Giralda, the Real Alcázar, Santa Cruz...

Your visit could start with the most emblematic monuments of the city: the Cathedral, the Giralda, the Real Alcazar... 
The Cathedral of Seville is the largest Gothic temple in the world and the third largest temple of Christendom. Its interior is majestic: don’t miss the greater altarpiece and the tomb where the remains of Christopher Columbus rest. It is also spectacular to tour its rooftop decks (remember to book this in advance) and see the city from the Giralda, which was once the world’s tallest tower.

The Reales Alcázares are a must see. It is the oldest inhabitable royal palace in Europe, and was recently home to the Kingdom of Dorne in the famous series, Game of Thrones.

After marvelling at these locations, we suggest a little break, enjoying the seductive Sevillian cuisine. Relax on any terrace and ask for some tapas! In the afternoon, what about a stroll through the incomparable Barrio de Santa Cruz, that wonderful labyrinth with narrow streets, ending at the Murillo Gardens and Paseo Catalina de Ribera. Not far away, you have Plaza de España, and on the way, you can visit the Old Tobacco Factory, which is currently the headquarters of the rectorate of the Universidad de Sevilla.

Seville streets
Plaza de España, the river, spectacular...

The Plaza de España is in María Luisa Park, built as the main building of the Ibero-American Expo in 1929.  All the Spanish provinces are represented on its benches. Don’t go without examining each tile and reveling in the details. The plaza has also served as a movie set on several occasions: in the Star Wars saga, it was the palace of Queen Amidala. 

Afterwards, you can stroll along the banks of the Guadalquivir and visit the New York Pier, where you can have a cocktail to whet your appetite. At night, attend a play at the Lope de Vega theater or a flamenco show.

At the Plaza de España, you can take a boat ride on the canal that runs through it.

Day 2: today’s Seville, street life

You could dedicate your second day to getting to know the current Seville: start with the magnificent Metropol Parasol, baptized by the city as Las Setas. It is an avant-garde space designed by Jürgen Mayer, presumed to be the largest wooden structure in the world. From its viewpoints, you’ll enjoy sensational views of the city.

Taking advantage of your location, you can head down to the Antiquarium, and underground museum space that hides magnificent Roman mosaics.

While you head to the City Hall area, you can visit the best shopping areas of the city (Sierpes, Tetuán...) before arriving at the Plaza del Salvador, which has the largest church in the city, after the Cathedral itself. Its bars will invite you to stop and enjoy the radiant atmosphere.
Continue until you arrive at Plaza Nueva, presided over by the City Hall and the monument to King Fernando III. Behind it, Plaza San Francisco is one of the most emblematic spaces in the capital. In this area, you will find many places to stop and have something to eat. In the afternoon, if you still have time, we recommend that you relax and let yourself become intoxicated by the charm of the Sevillian evenings. Go to a terrace with views of the city, see Seville in all its splendor. Surely, you will only think about when you can come back.

Las Setas Sevilla