Myths are relived in Seville

In Seville, the past is very present. It is a city that lives and relives unique experiences. Experiences and images that sometimes seem like they are straight out of a museum.

Postcards or apparitions?

As if you entered a virtual reality experience, you will perceive what was Seville used to be like in past centuries in the environment, in the stories and of course in the scenes that will give you, quite simply, an easy walk.

You can discover a chapel where time seems to have stopped forever, streets with the sound of a single form of transport ... a horse carriage, and even be convinced you are talking to a character painted by Velázquez himself.

Living traditions

Seville in its natural state gives you multisensory experiences: from images, music and silences that transport you to your most mystical self, to aromas of incense and orange blossom composing masterful formulas that spread the enchantment. You can feel this especially when Spring arrives in Seville.

You can have before you the most amazing revival you can imagine in any street in Seville.

You won’t want to wake up

As through the art of magic, we return many Spring nights to the 17th century: the art of the staging, the authentic ceremonial, the legend revisited, all that is Seville in March and April with its world-famous celebrations: Easter Week, and the Seville Fair.

Seville gives you immutable scenes, with amazing loyalty, as if the centuries had not passed. We never tire of preserving customs from generation to generation. We revive myths and stories, and represent beliefs and symbols.

Come and get involved with it all.

To keep in mind...
  1. Easter Week in Seville is declared of International Tourist Interest.
  2. Many of the images are of great antiquity.
  3. The Seville of unique characters takes us back to the art of the 17th century.