The seductive power of Seville

Thousands of travelers discover every year the beauty of the capital of Andalusia, a place where tradition and modernity come together to attract visitors. This is the case of Denisa, the protagonist of this story.

Sun, flamenco, gazpacho and much more

“When you think about Spain, you naturally think about the sun, hot weather, gazpacho, olives, traditional music and flamenco fashion. However, a day in Seville is even more diverse and that’s what makes it an unforgettable journey", says Denisa.

As her visit took place during the summer, the hot weather became one of her faithful companions, although the kindness of the Sevillians and the preparation of the city for the high temperatures made it more than bearable.

Patios Alcázar
Plaza de España
A tasty breakfast to start the day....

The importance of breakfast and its ingredients make it a very curious experience for tourists. A good breakfast means a great start to your day: coffee, toast with ham, orange juice, olive oil (yes, olive oil for breakfast!, says Denisa) and the famous "churros", that every foreigner have heard from them at least once.

After regaining some energy, it is the best time to visit everything that Seville offers, from the Cathedral to the Plaza de España and the extraordinary Alcazar which is Denisa's favourite monument.

The city takes care of you, to feel the most wonderful experience!

Terraza sevillana
…the perfect way to end your day

In the evening it is the ideal time to look for a good terrace where you can taste the famous tapas and have a good cold beer. Even continue until late night if the temperature allows it.

As Denisa says, “It is an unique feeling when you feel like home in a foreign place, that’s what I feel for Seville. Plan your trip and enjoy this city, I’m sure one day, you would want to come back again.”

Take into consideration…
  1. Sevillian lifestyle lasts until very late, we prefer to have fun rather than sleep.
  2. If you want to visit an important monument such as the Alcazar, it is a good idea to book in advance.
  3. Don't forget to take a good camera with you, Seville promises you some unforgettable pictures.
  4. Don't be shy, we Sevillians love to be kind and friendly to our visitors.