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Exquisite and effective sevillian imagination and know-how is the key to prepare this so tasty andalusian pork sirloin with whisky (or brandy), giving to the already splendid Iberian pork meat a different character and flavor.
The result is a very succulent tapa, highly appreciated, in which the flavor of the meat -so tender and juicy- is perfectly complemented by the simplicity of the sauce.
Two or three medallions of iberian pork sirloin, extra virgin olive oil, 5 cloves of garlic, some butter, 1 glass of whisky, 1 beef bouillon cube, salt to taste, some lemon juice, 1 glass of white wine, some fresh parsley, 1 glass of water.
Pour some oil in a pan over medium heat and brown medallions for both sides. Set aside. Crush garlic cloves with the skin and put them in the same pan with a little more oil and some butter, to brown. Add the whisky or brandy, flamb. and let evaporate.
Add the bouillon cube dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water (or the white wine), and some lemon juice. Then put the medallions and salt to taste. Simmer until meat is done. Serve each medallion on a slice of boiled potato, pour the sauce on and sprinkle the chopped parsley.