PRINGÁ ¿What is it?


Pring.” is one of the most peculiar and tasty tapas in Sevilla, comes from a family custom, very traditional and related to well known “cocido” (or “puchero”), vegetables and meat stewed with chickpeas. The usual rule is first serve the broth and the chickpeas with the vegetables and then the different meats and sausages which can be -informally- eaten without cutlery but helping with chunks of bread, that is to say “pringar” (to dip, bate or mash) and the popular word “pring.”. As a very successful tapa, the “pring.” is commonly served as a “montadito” hot small sandwich.
1/2k chickpeas (already soaked), 150 grs pumpkin, . k “tocino” -cured ham fat, fresh or aged-. to taste, 150 grs carrots, 100 grs green beans, 2 small “chorizo” -spicy red sausage- , 2 small “morcilla serrana” -blood sausage-, serrano quality, . k pork meat, loin or head, 2 medium potatoes, washed and into pieces, salt. Optional ingredients: chicken breast fillet, ground paprika, celery, turnip, etc.
Place all ingredients, except the potatoes and sausages, already clean and sliced, in a covered pot with water and salt, over medium heat, for about an hour and go checking for doneness. When vegetables are tender add the sliced chorizo and morcilla sausages and the potatoes and continue cooking.
Of course, eating the tasty “cocido” and mash the meat, sausages and tocinofat in order to prepare each tapa of “pring.” by filling a small piece of bread.Serve hot.