This is the life

Seville is one of those cities that has practically everything. Here you can take part in history while also experiencing a modernized city whose model of urban development promotes sustainability and quality of life.

The world’s best city to visit in 2018

In its well-known annual issue, “Best in Travel”, Lonely Planet Magazine recently ranked Seville as the number 1 city in the world to visit next year.

Seville is intimately linked to its role in history and to its extensive cultural heritage. What’s more, in the past few years, the city has been transforming itself, creatively blending the value of tradition with generous doses of fresh innovation — all while still maintaining its unique personality, joy, and openness to visitors.

Seville is now an exciting European capital filled with pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths, and stylish shops and restaurants. Seville still offers, and in fact has reinvigorated, its exotic and intoxicating culture, which has evolved across 30 centuries of the city’s history.

2018 in Seville will be an extraordinary year in terms of cultural events.

See video: “Best in Travel 2018”.


A vibrant agenda

In 2018, Seville will celebrate the Year of Murillowith expositions, tours related to the painter, educational activities, investigative projects, and even an international conference. Seville will also host the Biennial of Flamenco, the most important flamenco festival in the world, and in December, Seville — with its growing and thriving cinematic culture — will welcome the European Film Awards.

2018 in Seville: Year of Murillo, Biennial of Flamenco, European Film Awards…

Happiness shared is more happiness

It isn’t easy to measure something subjective like happiness, although Albert Einstein tried, but isn’t it true that there are certain objective things — the warmth that hugs you, the light that energizes you, the person who smiles at you and makes you smile back — that help you feel better inside and out?

Living out and about in the city, something essential to the Sevillian lifestyle, is a demonstration of shared joy, and in this type of lifestyle Seville tops the charts. Taking part doesn’t require anything special…just head out to the city’s streets and join in the celebration! Enjoy the plazas, the bars, the tapas, the smells. Be inspired by the urban stage where people are the real protagonists!

To keep in mind…
  1. Seville offers high-quality cuisine. Try our tapas!
  2. In the city there are more than 170 kilometres of bicycle routes.
  3. Don’t leave without taking a cruise on the river!