Sevillian night breezes

On the banks of the Guadalquivir, you’ll find many leisure areas to enjoy, both day and night.  The river brings a vibrant feeling, a special joy, to the terraces and nearby streets.

The splendour of a night on the water

You’ve seen the Guadalquivir throughout the day, all the lights that define and ennoble it as the narrative axis of Seville.  Now at night, you need to discover all the energy the river brings to the city: its bars and nightclubs on the riverbanks and the neighbouring district of Arenal.

The New York Pier (Muelle de Nueva York) is an ideal place to enjoy the river on foot, where you can even lie in a hammock while enjoying a fruit cocktail.

The Lonja del Barranco Market, next to the river, is a beautiful piece of engineering from the 19th century, which has revealed itself as a must-see destination in Seville to enjoy a fantastic gourmet experience.

The Paseo de Colón

Getting together to have a drink is a custom rooted in Seville.  And a splendid example of that collective oy can be seen in the Paseo de Colón and its fashionable spots.

A special breeze flows through the nights of this area of Seville.

Escultura de torero
Arenal’s bullfighting district

In the area around the Plaza de Toros, there are great restaurants and terraces – and not just on the street.  There are also some amazing rooftop terraces where you can admire the beautiful and unique surroundings of this neighbourhood.

The Arenal is also an area where there are numerous walking areas that close late at night.  On Calle Arfe and other nearby streets, you can enjoy the atmosphere almost any time of the day.

To keep in mind...
  1. It is also possible to find boats where you can party on board.
  2. You can go to nightclubs with small jetties along the river.
  3. The Arenal was originally a sandy area, a beach in Seville.