Inspiring Adventures

Wake up, look out the window, and the Giralda bell tower is silhouetted against the blue sky ... and you want to conquer the world. And you realise that Seville is an inspiring city, a place where you can think big, and, why not, give meaning to our dreams.

Explore new experiences

Great journeys were forged in Seville, adventures that defied the established principles of the time. Christopher Columbus prepared crucial details of his trip in Seville. And from our port, Magellan departed to undertake the first round-the-world trip.

Very soon in Seville we are going to renew that adventurous spirit. Like those expeditions, Seville will be the starting point of tourist flights to Space. From the Airbus facilities, it will be possible to travel to the stratosphere, to see our blue planet and feel zero gravity!

Stratospheric tourism

On any given day, after visiting, for example, the Archives of the Indies, and imagining mysterious seas, contemplating navigation charts and logbooks, you can end your journey with your own expedition to the unknown: get on a parabolic flight and have the experience of a lifetime.

Seville will continue to make many dreams come true.

The benchmark aerospace capital

Seville has become one of the most important aeronautical centres in Europe.

Here you will find Aerópolis, an industrial complex in the aeronautics sector that has an undisputed focus: the Airbus A400M.

Around the development of this aircraft, an important auxiliary industry has been set up with the Made in Sevilla stamp.

Well, Airbus wants to make the possibility of experiencing zero gravity available to the public, with parabolic flights that will take off from its facilities in Seville.

To keep in mind...
  1. In the Plaza de Cuba in Seville you can see the Armilar Sphere that commemorates the first round-the-world trip.. 
  2. In a parabolic flight, the plane makes a pronounced curve, achieving a state of zero gravity.
  3. For this, the adapted Airbus A-320 aircraft will ascend from Seville to the stratosphere.