A unique neighbourhood

Go along its impossible route, explore its stories and legendary corners, discover one of the most unique neighbourhoods in the world.

The hidden splendour

In Seville, you will find one of the most fascinating neighbourhoods in the world: the neighbourhood of Santa Cruz, a network of streets, plazas and passageways where you will feel as though time stops, and at the same time you will believe that you have been transported to another time.

In the heart of the neighbourhood of Santa Cruz is a world-wide jewel of the Baroque: The Convent of Los Venerables

The narrowest streets imaginable

Legends spread widely in every one of its corners, the interiors of its blocks store enormous treasures, and their squares appear like apparitions in the middle of a labyrinth.

Water, Life, Glory ... are some of the evocative and "essential" names of its streets.

'Lost in fascination'

The neighbourhood of Santa Cruz extends out alongside the Royal Alcázares, in one of the oldest areas of the city.
The old Jewish Quarter of Seville was settled here.
In the neighbourhood of Santa Cruz is the narrowest street in the city: the street popularly known as the ‘Calle de los Besos’ (Street of Kisses) ... why would that be?
The neighbourhood of Santa Cruz was the scene of the impossible love of the mythical character of Don Juan for Doña Inés.

To keep in mind...
  1. In the neighbourhood of Santa Cruz there are many tourist accommodations full of charm.
  2. In the Plaza de Refinadores, a statue recalls the myth of Don Juan Tenorio.