The Seville of love

Few characters like Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer have been able to communicate the Seville that you don’t see in such a beautiful way. Because yes, Seville is a show for the senses, but it is also a world of sensations that many people around the world have wished to write down.

"Poetry... it’s you"

Who was Bécquer? Born in Seville in 1836, Becquer is above all the poet of love.

The quality of his work makes him a fundamental part of Spanish literature throughout history, and of the romantic trend worldwide.

We suggest that you discover the magic city of his legends, relive the landscapes that he immortalized in his love poems, and feel the symbolic atmosphere of the deepest Seville.

Very current rhymes and legends

Bequer is considered one of the precursors of contemporary poetry. His style is fresh and current and, at the same time, his story is tragic and eternal, embodying the figure of the romantic poet like no one else. In fact, he died at a young age (when he was 34) and in life he did not receive the recognition he deserved, remaining unknown to the literary elites of the time.

The dark swallows will return their nests upon your balcony, to hang ...

Touring inspiring places

Enter the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo and see his childhood home, at number 28 Conde de Barajas.
On the nearby Santa Clara Street, you will find the Palace of the Counts of Santa Coloma, where behind the walls lived the woman who inspired the famous verses "The dark swallows will return their nests upon your balcony, to hang", and where even today, if you wait for dusk, you can count hundreds of them flying over the house.
Did you know that the organ of the legendary Master Perez really existed? Visit the Church of the Convent of St. Agnes and remember its chords.
The María Luisa Park is home to one of its most hidden corners, the sculpture ‘Glorieta de Becquer’, a spectacular allegorical set of love that is displayed around a hundred-year-old tree.
Finally, the place where the poet rests for eternity: the imposing pantheon of illustrious Sevillians of the Church of the Annunciation, an underground crypt that amasses supernatural stories and mysterious phenomena ... coincidence?

To keep in mind...
  1. His Rhymes and Legends are probably his most important work.
  2. His brother Valeriano Bécquer painted his most famous portrait.
  3. He felt that "he would be more and better known in death, rather than in life".