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Seville is like a big theatre. Triana with the St George’s Castle and St. Anne’s Church, the Guadalquivir River, Arenal and Golden Tower, the Cathedral, Giralda and the Royal Alcazar of Seville, the “Barrio Santa Cruz” and the San Francisco Square. Strategic centre in the Reconquest period in Spain, World Capital in the New world Commerce and relationships, Seville at the sea, Beginning and destiny of the First World . Exoticism, Folklore, Mythical Characters with a strong romantic personality, are the characteristics of Seville.

As a great stage of important characters that will captivate and inspire great authors in the Golden Century, in their most distinguished creations. A great scene, which at the same time motivated the city, became an obliged point to visit for those relevant travellers. And of course, scene and myths, in which the most important authors based their opera plays that had been represented mostly, all of them, are inspired in Seville and its uses.

“Seville, Opera City” it is no more than another way of interpreting this scene, this big city, taking as a perspective the Opera and all the elements that were considered by prestigious authors as Verdi, Donizetti, Bizet and Mozart, as inspiration object in their greater plays.

Through this genre, the visitor will put in order history, patrimony, legends and characters, knowing from fiction, the historic reality of Seville and his wonderful places and monuments.

We invite to know the city through Figaro, Don Juan and Carmen; Seville before the discovery of the New world, in Middle Ages, Seville in the period King Alfonso XI and Doña Leonor, the King Pedro I , the Cruel( La Favorita and Maria Padilla in the Alcazar); as well as the power injustice in Fidelio, in a jail quoted in the libretto and located outside Seville, that we could locate it figurately at St. George’s castle in Triana, or in the Tobaccos Factory where Carmen worked, and the Hosteria Laurel, where they joined together  Don Juan Tenorio with Don Luis Mejia.

“Seville, Opera City”, gives us a new way, a new opportunity of visiting one the most interesting cities of the world.