Mystique in the streets

There are many ways or perspectives when experiencing the Semana Santa, Holy Week, in Seville: historical, religious, ethnographic, sensorial… Here you have some clues so that you can really appreciate this ensemble of sensations and meanings in all its splendour.

It is not just another festivity

It is completely worth visiting Seville during these special days, either because of the religious festivity or to enjoy the city itself. Why? Because it would not be possible to understand Seville without this special week, in which many stories, feelings, legacies and rites will connect you with the soul of Seville and with its people’ idiosyncrasy.

During Holy Week, Seville is versatile, not only because of the different brotherhoods, called cofradías, or the special moments, but also because of the assimilation of the festivity itself. Tasting our tapas and discovering our gastronomy in terraces under the warm heat of the sun as you take a stroll to see the religious processions is neither rare or disrespectful, it is actually very traditional and highly recommended.

The best part is that you can let yourself go and just enjoy this feast for the senses. An incessant succession of moments of complete silence and others full of exaltation. That is the essence of Seville’s Holy Week, the fact that it is illimited, complex as life itself. The secular and the religious have always coexisted in the traditions of the city in a natural and special (and baroque) way.

Seville Cathedral
Hospital de La Caridad, Sevilla
Sightseeing in the morning, emotions in the evening

Let yourself be guided by all the different things you can experience in Seville during Holy Week: art, spirituality, sensations, gastronomy… In addition, we are celebrating this year the 500th Anniversary of the First Circumnavigation of the Globe from Seville.

> Commemorating the Magellan journey: get to know all the activities.

Ferdinand Magellan organised in Seville the 1st expedition to circumnavigate the Earth.

Detalle de paso, Semana Santa de Sevilla
Different ways of experiencing Seville’s Holy Week


Seville’s Holy Week is a festivity which can be enjoyed in different ways, and every approach is essential to understand the actual magnitude of this week. If you want to fully experience this multifaceted festivity, here you have some ideas.

4 Ways of Experiencing Seville’s Holy Week

We want you to at least make the most of one of these ways to enjoy Seville’s Holy Week… but it will be better if you try all of them so that you can feel the ultimate experience. Enjoy Seville during its Holy Week.

To keep in mind...
  1. Yes, it is true. At this time of the year, Seville smells like azahar, the scent of the orange blossom, and incense.
  2. It is incredible to see how El Gran Poder creates complete silence in its path.
  3. Have you ever been to a “brotherhood bar”? Enjoy its peculiar decoration and have a cod tapa! A complete “mystique” experience.