CODFISH "PAVÍA" ¿What is it?


Seville has a great and long tradition in fish, especially fried or batter fish, often marinated specialties. Tasty and popular “pavía” of battered cod is a proof of the expertise of our chefs in that sense.
The pavías can be of hake too, however battered cod is the most traditional recipe. A very simple and exquisite way of preparing cod with a crispy and light golden wrapper.
600 grs desalted cod, skinned, into strips, 150 ml olive oil, 200 grs flour, 150 ml lager beer, very cold, a pinch of saffron or food coloring, 3 eggs, 4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped, salt, ground black pepper, a pinch of baking powder, oil for frying (sunflower oil), a small cup of chopped parsley, a little glass of lemon juice.
Cod soaking for about 24 hours, changing the water several times. Note that once cooked the “pavía” is about 15 cms long and 5 cms width. Marinate the strips of cod for two hours in a bowl with lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, garlic and black pepper to taste. In another bowl prepare the batter with the eggs, flour, salt, beer and saffron (previously thinned in a little warm water) or coloring. Beating the dough batter till not too thick or too watery. Well batter the cod strips and frying in hot oil giving an elongated shape with a slooted spoon or similar. Drain on kitchen paper and serve with some “picos” -small sticks of bread and -as a suggestion- some tomato wedges and lettuce salad, or a little mayonnaise or “alioli” -garlic and oil dressing at one end of the tapa.